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It’s Time for a Lutron Lighting System!

Kitchen island with recessed lighting and blue linear lighting above open shelving

Illuminate the Possibilities of Upgraded Lighting & Shading Control

It’s time to prioritize functionality that blends aesthetically into your living spaces. Multi-gang light switches are an eyesore, slow-paced device responses cause frustration, and manual window treatments take too much time to adjust. These are just a few outdated features you may have throughout your home in the Twin Cities.

Outdated lighting and shading systems can detract from the comfort and value of your high-end home, so it’s time to assess your current technology systems to see if it’s time for an upgrade. 

Below, we review a few signs that your existing lighting control system is due for an upgrade, then explain the benefits you can enjoy from an upgrade to a Lutron lighting system. Want to learn more? Keep reading!

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Tell-Tale Signs Your Lighting and Shading System Is Outdated

Discolored or Yellow Wall Plates 

One of the most visible signs of an aging lighting configuration is the discoloration of wall plates. Many start out sleek and white, but these components can turn yellow or fade over time, indicating potential material fatigue that could affect functionality.

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